Are Trike Trips Drivers/Riders vaccinated against Covid?
Yes. All Drivers/Riders are FULLY vaccinated against Covid.

Do I have to be vaccinated against Covid?
No. That being said, you will be asked to provide evidence of you vaccination status before any tour commences.

Do you accept credit cards or PayPal?
No to both questions. Trike Trips is a small boutique operation that wishes to keep overheads down and pass those savings onto you the customer. We only accept payments via Australian EFT (‘Electronic Funds Transfer’) and cash in Australian dollars. When paying by EFT the payment must be received and cleared before the tour. If you are an overseas client then I will gladly take cash on the day of the tour. Of course you will be given a receipt for the payment.

Can I ride the trike or bike myself?
No, we only provide chauffeured tours where you are our guest. This allows you to relax and take in as much of the view as possible without the concerns of licences, road rules, directions and traffic. That being said if you still want to hire a trike to drive yourself then see OzTrikes at http://www.oztrikes.com.au/?page_id=49. Johann there will be able to help you.

What language do your riders speak?
English, with an Australian accent.

You have a great selection of tours but can I make up my own?
Yes. You can design your own custom tour if you wish. Should you need help in doing this then Trike Trips can assist. We will estimate the time of the tour, with stops, and give you a quote.

Do I have to wear a helmet on the trikes?
Yes. Simple, it’s the law here in Australia.

It’s so hot in the summer so why can’t I wear shorts and open footwear on the trike or bike?
For your safety and protection on the trikes and bikes you must wear long pants/jeans and enclosed shoes. It is for your protection that you need to wear pants and shoes that cover you adequately and eliminate the risk of injury from road debris and exhaust burns.

Why do I have to let you know my weight and height?
All of our trikes and bikes have a load limit. The total load limit for the trike is 300 kgs for the rider and both passengers. The weight limit for an individual passenger is 115 kgs. You must remember that the rider and you are included in the weight on the trike and/or bike and we need to know so we can organise an appropriate rider and vehicle for your comfort and safety. Also, we estimate your helmet and jacket size from your weight and height.

Can I take my own camera and take photos?
Yes, you certainly can but keep a tight hold of it whilst on the trike or bike. Our riders also take along their cameras so we can add your ride to our Face Book page, with your permission of course. Any photos we take are available to you free of charge – you just need to email us with your details. Also, if you have an action camera such as a Go Pro or similar then let us know in advance and we will bring along a mount so that you can affix it to the trike or bike if you wish. There is no charge for this.

What happens if it is raining on the day of my tour?
If it’s raining or rain is forecast your rider will call you at least 2 hours prior to your pick up time. At this time we will either cancel the ride because of the rain or if it isn’t raining but looking ominous we will let you make the decision. If you decide not to proceed then the tour will be re-scheduled. If you decide to go ahead with the tour then we will proceed and come and collect you. If you change your mind after this time then the tour will not be re-booked.

Is there a surcharge for Public Holidays, weekends or night rides?
Yes, there is a 15% surcharge for public holidays as observed in New South Wales. No, there is no surcharge for tours taken on weekends or during the night.

Do I have to pay for tolls?
No, the cost of the tour includes any tolls that may be incurred during the tour.

If I order a Gift Voucher how soon can I get it?
After the design of the Gift Voucher has been finalised we send it out within 24 hours via post. If you are from overseas or need it urgently we can email the Gift Voucher as a PDF file attachment to you within an hour. You can print it out at your end and give it straight to the recipient. We can also Express Post any gift vouchers required urgently for an additional $5.

I received a Gift Voucher for myself and would like to share the experience with friends. When I book can I pay for a additional trikes and/or bikes?
Yes. We find many guests use their Gift Voucher as a starting point and have upgraded from motorcycle to trike as they wish to travel with a friend. Other popular upgrades are multiple motorcycles and trikes or combinations as they wished to travel as a group and extending the  duration of the ride and including attractions. When booking please mention what you would like to do and we’ll let you know the additional costs involved.

I have a Gift Voucher that is expiring this week and there is no way I can take the ride before it expires. What can I do?
Our Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 years from the time of purchase as per NSW law but we do understand time flies and before you know it the time has gone past. If you book the tour before it expires for the following month, we will honour the voucher. If you would like to extend the Gift Voucher for a further 3 months there is a cost of $30.00 to cover the administration.

I have a Gift Voucher that has expired. What can I do?
Unfortunately the Gift Voucher is invalid if it has already expired. If you would still like to use the Gift Voucher you will need to pay a 50% surcharge of the value of the Gift Voucher.

I received a Gift Voucher but do not want to take the tour. Can I get a refund?
No, our Gift Vouchers are non-refundable. However they are transferable and if you would like to pass it on to someone else to use please just let us know so we can update our records. If you would like to transfer it to someone else and have the Gift Voucher redesigned to reflect their details there is a fee of $30. The expiry date will remain the same.