Trikes and Bikes

BOOM Mustang Family

This is the flagship of the fleet. The BOOM Mustang Family trike. German engineering and reliability at its best. Boasting a 2 litre engine with automatic and triptronic transmission for power and performance.

TourOz RF-LT3

Our second trike is the TourOz RF1-LT3. Also built in Germany it is powered by a 1.6 litre Ford engine which is smooth and powerful. This trike will easy carry 2 passengers in comfort and style on any tour.

Harley Davidson Soft Tail Deluxe

The first bike in the stable is the Harley Davidson Soft Tail Deluxe. For that true Harley experience.

Indian Springfield

The next bike is the red and black  Indian Springfield.  One of the most comfortable touring bikes on the road today.  A class motorcycle.